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SolidCold In-stock New Arctiko Freezers

SolidCold Unit 750SolidCold Freezer Compressor
Arctiko Model# ULUF 750
Capacity: 24 cubic feet
Voltage: 230V/20Amp (can be used on 115 Volt with step up transformer)
Description: High security -86C "super-freezer" using dual single stage compressors.

SolidCold Unit 550SolidCold Unit 550SolidCold Unit 550
Arctiko Model# ULUF 550
Capacity: 21 cubic feet
Voltage: 230V or 115V - 20 Amp
Description: super-energy efficient freezer with single compressor

Model# ULUF 65Model# ULUF 65
Arctiko Model#: ULUF 65
Capacity: 2 cubic foot
Voltage: 115 Volts/ 15 Amp
Description: Bench-top or Under-counter -86C freezer
SolidCold Chest Freezers
SolidCold SUF 100 SolidCold SUF 500
Arctiko SUF 100/SF 150 Arctiko SUF 500/SF500

SolidCold In Stock FreezersSolidCold In Stock Freezers
In Stock and Ready for Delivery
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